About Us

The is a part of KDS Tech Network Group which is apparently the biggest truck parts network in the world. Our team is full of young and energetic people who are ready to burn the midnight oil for your convenience.

Fuwa Parts is the leading after market manufacture and supplier of Fuwa trailer parts. Our top priority is to deliver high quality parts at reasonable prices.

Our team consists of:

  • Kamaldeep Singh – Chairman of KDS Tech Network
  • Gurmeet Singh – Sales and Purchase manager with over 30 years of experience.
  • Tarandeep Kaur – Quality inspector
  • Shayam Lal – Quality inspector #2

Our range includes:

* slack adjusters
* twist lock
* radius pin
* rocker pin
* hub cap
* gasket
* hub
* oil seal
* outer – inner bearings
* oil seal collar
* wheel studs
* spilt pin
* setscrew
* brake chambers
* outboard
* inboard brake drums
* inner – outer washer
* axle nut and washers
* torque / spider plate
* brake shoe
* anchor rollers
* anchor pins
* cam rollers
* lined brake shoe assy – lined and unlined
* brake linings
* rivets
* roller retainers
* return springs
* camshaft
* camshaft bush
* spider bearing
* O-ring
* washer
* dust cover
* spherical bushes
* S-cam sintered bush
* retainer plate
* clamp plate
* front
* center / rocker
* rear hanger
* wear plate assy
* leaf springs
* axle seat
* saddle
* U bolts
* radius rod – fixed
* adjustable
* bogie pivot block and bush.

We would like to re-state that the parts sold by us are after market, not original and contain no original markings. All goods are / will be supplied in plain packing without any marking. Goods are sold on as-and-where-basis and no claims will be entertained. That said, any replacement will be given at the discretion of the management of KDS Tech Network.
However, it is our best human endeavor to supply goods as per OE specifications.